Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Love is not over-rated.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Missing Pierre

Last night I really started to miss Pierre. Thought about calling him but I don't know whether he's in France or Argentina or somewhere else. Then I decided to just write him a letter. 


I was sitting on the couch missing you. Thoughts of you were really with me. I was talking to my mom and she looooves you! She would always mention that picture I took of you outside my apartment. And I mean always! She would say "Believe me child, if/when Elite sees Pierre..." The rest would be history.

That picture coupled with my stories of you to my mom made her love you so. I always speak so well of you and that is never going to change. You will always be my first friend in Canada. I knew not a single soul when I was there before we met. I truly do miss you. I Remember being on those crappy computers at Scott Library and walking out with you. We talked for a while about toasters, cooking, kitchens and your lack thereof and you always joked about me always laughing. At the end of that conversation, I offered my kitchen for your use because you had none. I happily walked away from you then. After that, we just kept on bumping into each other and you eventually did come over!

I remember exactly how we looked then. We were watching TV after we had dinner and "Finding Nemo" was playing. I can't even believe that I remember that detail! Looking back, I feel that the movie plays what just happened to us, like I was the fish who found the friend like when Nemo was swimming with those cool turtles! Hahaha! I'm nuts like that, you know. In you, I found the friend I was looking for. I can't even begin to imagine the state of joy I would be next time we see each other.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Everything is Nothing

Everything is nothing yet.

Work won't leave me alone, it's retarded. Friends and I were talking about work until 4am last night, I was drained from all my energy. I was an energizer bunny no more. I was exhausted. Lay down to rest and then Dream called me. He just woke up as I was about to sleep. Time dissolved into nothingness. It was intense. He made me realize: that intensity was caused by the build up of everything into that one intense moment, turning it all into, well... Nothing.

It was as if something inside me shouted "NEXT!" Next what? Next Dream to come please, thanks! I am living in a dream. He is my living Dream. It's retarded, really... So good, it's nuts. I feel that Christmas is coming early this lifetime, because I've really been a good girl. 

People ask me if I've been in love. I smile. Of course I've been in love. I'm in love with my work. I'm in love with my life! And because I am, Dream coming true is more than love, in every non-sensical level. 

When I woke up, I had 30, thirty, 30! Missed calls and it was just 12nn. I rush out of bed and run an errand for my neighbor, Joe. He's going
 to be living in the same building as me come October so I was helping him sort out his paperwork since he's in Montreal now. Cool dude, Joe. Anyway, I get down to the office and the landlady, Evelyna was speaking with Joe on the phone while I walked in the office. He was worried that something happened to me! It was pretty sweet, actually. He even emailed me:

I need pictures cos even I can't believe these words that are part of my story. Even if it's happening to me!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


After hours of posting almost months worth of work, back hurts. I need that Herman Miller chair. But due to monetary constraints, I'll just go to sleep instead. It's 3:13am.

By the way, I'm still learning the back end of blogspot since I just decided to show my work 2 days back when I realized I could write poetry. So FYI, I don't know how to respond to comments yet. Whheeee... Off to dream more.

Acting Sad, Really Jovial

Model: Kelly (Elite, Toronto)

Getting Ready

Oh, but we're always ready! 

Model: Kelly (Elite, Toronto)