Thursday, August 14, 2008

Everything is Nothing

Everything is nothing yet.

Work won't leave me alone, it's retarded. Friends and I were talking about work until 4am last night, I was drained from all my energy. I was an energizer bunny no more. I was exhausted. Lay down to rest and then Dream called me. He just woke up as I was about to sleep. Time dissolved into nothingness. It was intense. He made me realize: that intensity was caused by the build up of everything into that one intense moment, turning it all into, well... Nothing.

It was as if something inside me shouted "NEXT!" Next what? Next Dream to come please, thanks! I am living in a dream. He is my living Dream. It's retarded, really... So good, it's nuts. I feel that Christmas is coming early this lifetime, because I've really been a good girl. 

People ask me if I've been in love. I smile. Of course I've been in love. I'm in love with my work. I'm in love with my life! And because I am, Dream coming true is more than love, in every non-sensical level. 

When I woke up, I had 30, thirty, 30! Missed calls and it was just 12nn. I rush out of bed and run an errand for my neighbor, Joe. He's going
 to be living in the same building as me come October so I was helping him sort out his paperwork since he's in Montreal now. Cool dude, Joe. Anyway, I get down to the office and the landlady, Evelyna was speaking with Joe on the phone while I walked in the office. He was worried that something happened to me! It was pretty sweet, actually. He even emailed me:

I need pictures cos even I can't believe these words that are part of my story. Even if it's happening to me!

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