Friday, August 15, 2008

Missing Pierre

Last night I really started to miss Pierre. Thought about calling him but I don't know whether he's in France or Argentina or somewhere else. Then I decided to just write him a letter. 


I was sitting on the couch missing you. Thoughts of you were really with me. I was talking to my mom and she looooves you! She would always mention that picture I took of you outside my apartment. And I mean always! She would say "Believe me child, if/when Elite sees Pierre..." The rest would be history.

That picture coupled with my stories of you to my mom made her love you so. I always speak so well of you and that is never going to change. You will always be my first friend in Canada. I knew not a single soul when I was there before we met. I truly do miss you. I Remember being on those crappy computers at Scott Library and walking out with you. We talked for a while about toasters, cooking, kitchens and your lack thereof and you always joked about me always laughing. At the end of that conversation, I offered my kitchen for your use because you had none. I happily walked away from you then. After that, we just kept on bumping into each other and you eventually did come over!

I remember exactly how we looked then. We were watching TV after we had dinner and "Finding Nemo" was playing. I can't even believe that I remember that detail! Looking back, I feel that the movie plays what just happened to us, like I was the fish who found the friend like when Nemo was swimming with those cool turtles! Hahaha! I'm nuts like that, you know. In you, I found the friend I was looking for. I can't even begin to imagine the state of joy I would be next time we see each other.

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